Hiphop.js / Lang

version 0.3.0


HipHop is a DSL embedded in the HopScript language. HipHop modules must contain the following header declaration:

"use hiphop"

The HipHop syntax extends the JavaScript syntax with one single expression rule:

  hiphop <HHstatement>

Its complete formal syntax is given in Section Formal Syntax. Once defined, a HipHop program must be loaded into a HipHop reactive machine that can execute this program by running reactions.



"use hiphop"
"use hopscript"

const hh = require( "hiphop" );

hiphop module prg( in A, in B, in R, out O ) {
   do {
      fork {
         await( );
      } par {
         await( );
      emit O();
   } every( )

exports.prg = new hh.ReactiveMachine( prg, "ABRO" );

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